Wine tourism

High Saintonge has developed green tourism for those interested in the historical and oenological heritage of the region. Numerous wine growers have joined the Farmers' association to set up the road of the Vineyard of High Saintonge, “European Road of the Cognac, the Pineau des Charente and the local wines ".

Wherever you stop, visitors receive a warm welcome where you can discover the history of the region and taste the products free without being obliged to buy. This road winds in the middle of the hillsides of the estuary, Saintonge and Three Mounts. It allows you to discover wine storehouses and vineyards which produce Cognac, Pineau des Charente and the local Charentais wines (white, rosé and red).

We can organise our guests to visit the vineyards: walks in vineyards, visits of wine storehouses, free tasting of Cognac, Pineau or Charentais wines, etc....

We book for you, to make sure that you will receive the best welcome

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CharentaisE gastronomy

The cooking of Charente and Charente Maritime is coming from the gastronomic traditions of the old counties of Angoumois, Aunis and Saintonge. The cooking is very tasteful and delicious.

From the sea: the waters along the Charentais coast count numerous fishery resources. You can buy a wide choice of fish in the markets. Seafood takes the lion's share with mussels (the famous mouclade Charentaise), clams, brown shrimps, winkles and hulls. Don’t forget to eat the famous oysters of Marennes Oléron, which you can taste every day in the village of Marennes in the oyster huts.

From the land, Charente-Maritime is the country of snails, the famous “cagouilles” which can be roasted, in matelote or tasted with sausages. Open-air markets offer an exceptional choice of poultry farmers, of beef and lamb, without forgetting the pork. Don’t forget to savour a pate delicatessen called “grillon Charentais”. Do not end your meal without one of the typical desserts, the famous galette Charentaise made with butter. "Poitou-Charente" AOP, well known over the world.

All these dishes come along with local wines - red, rosés and white. Please refer to